VIRAL PHOTO: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Caught Behaving Badly

OAKLAND (KRON) — When it comes to catching people behaving badly, KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts never rests.

This time, it was Oakland Mayor Jean Quan who was caught with both hands on her smartphone while operating a moving vehicle.

A KRON 4 viewer spotted Quan driving her Toyota Prius at 8th and Broadway in Oakland on Friday night. The viewer noticed that the mayor was tapping away on her smartphone while driving.

Stanley was able to verify with the tipster that the vehicle Quan was actually driving the car and that it wasn’t just parked on the street.

“Yes, I am sure. We were in the left lane and she was in the right lane,” the source told Stanley.

The viewer told KRON 4 that it appeared Quan had been using her phone while driving for about five blocks.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, fines for using a cell phone to text or send emails while operating a car is $161 for the first offense and up to $500 if caught a third time.

In an email response from the mayor’s office, Quan confirmed to KRON 4 that it was her in the photo and said that she was using a navigation app.

“Using navigation apps is legal, but it’s nonetheless important to stay careful on the road. Reminders like this can be helpful, and I’ll be making an extra effort from now on,” Quan said.

Let me say this a different way: Oakland’s mayor admits that she needs a navigation app to find her way around Oakland.

In February, the 5th District Court of Appeal ruled that drivers can legally read maps on hand-held devices after a Fresno man challenged a ticket he was issued in January 2012 for looking at a map on his iPhone 4 while stuck in traffic.

“I’m committed to safe driving, and resisting the urge to check our phones from behind the wheel is something we can all be more mindful about. I take care to use hands-free technology when I’m on the phone.”

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