VIRAL VIDEO: Oakland Mayor Caught Behaving Badly, Again

OAKLAND (KRON) — She’s at it again!

This time, a second photo shows Oakland Mayor Jean Quan clearly driving while talking on her cell phone.

What’s her excuse now?

Yesterday we posted a photo submitted by KRON 4 viewer who spotted Quan driving her Toyota Prius at 8th and Broadway in Oakland on Friday night. The viewer noticed that the mayor was tapping away on her smartphone while driving.

Quan confirmed to KRON 4 that it was her in the photo and said that she was using a navigation app.

“Using navigation apps is legal, but it’s nonetheless important to stay careful on the road. Reminders like this can be helpful, and I’ll be making an extra effort from now on,” Quan said.

In this new photo, it’s clear that Quan isn’t searching for directions.

“I work 24-7, I go to a lot of meetings and go to a lot of different events,” Quan explained.

“My staff and I are thinking about maybe I really need a driver because I’m working so long. It’s very to easy, unconsciously to do things like that,” Quan said.

The mayor’s DMV driving record shows that in April 2013, Quan was cited for running a red light in Fremont. She was convicted of this violation on Feb 3, 2014.

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(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

CAPTION THIS! Oakland Mayor Jean Quan agreed to take this photo after KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts made her the centerpiece of his people behaving badly feature.

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