Online Donors Contribute to Families of Isla Vista Rampage Victims

SANTA BARBARA (KRON) — There’s a new effort online to raise money for the families of three sorority sisters who were killed or wounded in the Isla Vista rampage.

Click Here to See Online Fundraiser

Katie Cooper and Veronika Weiss were killed in the shootout targeting University of California students. Bianca de Kock was among the nearly dozen people wounded by suspected shooting Elliot Rodger.

Those three victims were all members of Tri-Delta sorority. Now a member of another Greek organization who recently graduated from Emory University says she wanted to do something concrete to help the families of the three victims.

“When you’re in the Greek system, they’re all friends, they’re all friendly and when they suffer anything, you feel it too,” Kappa Kappa Gamma alum Samanta Levin says.

Levin runs a company that sells jewelry to members of the sorority community and decided to donate a portion of the purchases to the families of the victims.

“The sister of a UCSB Tri Delta Member reached out to me and the letter company and asked if there’s anything we can do to help relieve the financial burden on the families of the victims and we are more than happy to help,” Levin says.

Four dollars from every piece of jewelry sold goes to the families or people who don’t want to buy anything can just make an online donation.

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