VIRAL PHOTO: Hunky Felon’s Rap Sheet Includes Bay Area Arrest

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — We’re starting to learn more about the man featured in a mug shot that went viral and had women swooning all over the internet.

Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old convicted felon from Stockton, became an internet sensation after his mug shot was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page with a caption saying that he had been picked up during an enforcement mission in response to a rash of shootings in the Weston Ranch area.

When we posted Meeks’ mug shot on KRON 4’s Facebook page, hundreds of women commented on his Meeks’ model looks; his chiseled face, winter gray/blue eyes, and pouty lips.

The handsome felon’s photo garnered thousands of admirers, many of whom asked to find out more about Meeks’ case.

Meeks was stopped by Stockton police at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday after he and others were observed leaving a home where a search warrant was about to be executed.

A search of the car Meeks was driving yielded a semi-automatic handgun along with two extended magazines for the firearm, a 9mm round of ammunition, and a small amount of what is believed to be marijuana, according to police.

Meeks has been charged with felony weapon and gang related charges.

According to Stockton police, Meeks has a felony conviction and a two-year state prison sentence stemming from a 2002 conviction for grand theft from a person (a lesser offense to a robbery) out of Solano County. His documented gang membership with Northside Gangster Crips forms the basis for the gang allegations in the complaint.

Meeks was recently convicted for resisting arrest in Manteca which could lead to more trouble if he is found in violation of probation.

On Friday, Meeks’ mom, Katherine Angier, launched a crowdfunding page to raise money and get her son out of custody.

“He has a job and he was on his way to work,” she said on the website of his arrest. “With no gang affiliations, as per two of the charges — he has old tattoos, which causes him to be stereotyped.”

Angier’s public Facebook page shows several photos of her son posing with family.

Angier’s most recent public Facebook update says, “My new home is with my son Jeremy — at Weston Ranch.”

Meeks’ bail was raised to $1,000,000.

His next court date is June 27th at 8:30 a.m.

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