Teen Brakes into Ronaldo’s Hotel Room, Caught Resting on His Bed

Cristiano Ronaldo found a 15-year-old boy had broken into his room at Portugal’s World Cup base in Brasilia, Brazil, according to a report in Brazil.

Ronaldo is on his way home from the tournament after Portugal’s elimination in the group stage.

But, as per Globo Esporte, he got a shock to find that a boy by the name of Yago Leal had managed to evade security and reach his room. A photo (as above) of Ronaldo as snapped by the boy from the balcony has subsequently gone viral.

Ronaldo, it seems, kept his cool—and allowed the boy to escape without involving the police—but the incident raises questions about security and safety.

As per the English report:

” Once inside the room, Leal took a rest on Ronaldo’s bed because, as he said, ‘he knew he had laid on it.’

Incredibly the teenager was caught in the act by Ronaldo himself, but rather than turning the boy into police for trespass, Ronaldo is said to have told the boy he wouldn’t called the cops, and moreover, he allowed Leal to snap a photo of him as he escaped the exact way he got in.”

The tournament resumes for the knockout stage on Saturday.

(Copyright 2014, CNN, All rights reserved.)

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