11 Miners Trapped in Honduran Gold Mine

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Rescue workers using picks and shovels cleared rubble Thursday trying to reach 11 miners trapped by a cave-in the previous day inside a wildcat gold mine in southern Honduras.

The men were trapped about 90 yards (80 meters) into the old gold mine in the town of El Corpus, fire department spokesman Oscar Triminio said.

The mine partially collapsed shortly after 22 miners entered to search for gold Wednesday, but half were able to get out on their own, Triminio said.

He said rescue crews were not using heavy machinery because the mine “is unstable and could further collapse.”

National Geological Institute director Agapito Rodriguez said that oxygen inside the mine was scarce and that three miners near the entrance were getting oxygen through an air duct.

He said those three had been able to communicate by shouting to rescue workers.

Mayor Luis Rueda said there are more than 50 mines in the area, some of them as much as 650 feet (200 meters) underground.

(Copyright 2014, The Associated Press, All rights reserved.)

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