VIRAL VIDEO: Man Chases Attackers with ‘Knife’ at Crowded San Francisco Intersection

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A viral cell phone video posted on the entertainment site shows a violent melee between a motorist and several pedestrians at a crowded intersection in San Francisco.

The site claims the incident occurred during Pride weekend.

The video begins with a young man sitting on the hood of a light colored Toyota truck that was stopped in the middle of Powell and Ellis streets.

An older Asian male jumps out of the vehicle and chases a young Black male but loses him in the crowd.

This is when we see why the video has gone viral…

After the man stops in the middle of the street, he turns to the camera which shows him holding an object in his hand. World Star is calling the object a knife.

As the man gets back into his truck, the young male returns and begins antagonizing the driver. The Asian male jumps out of truck again — with the object still in hand — and nearly catches the younger male but is stopped by a mob of young men.

The frenzy gets scary as the older man is attacked by several people while attempting to return to his truck. Numerous objects are tossed at the man, including an orange traffic cone.

One of the young men grabs a wooden board from the back of the man’s truck and throws it at him.

The attack on the motorist lasted about 90 seconds and ends with the driver getting into his vehicle.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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