Serial Rapist Caught After Crashing into Light Pole

(CNN) — A man accused of serial sex attacks in Tulsa was identified Thursday, fours days after crashing his car into a light pole while fleeing the scene of one of his alleged assaults, authorities said.

The suspect, Demond Campbell, 30, was presented with charges related to seven sexual assaults even though he was in critical condition and unresponsive in a hospital since his car wreck Sunday, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said Thursday.

Campbell was identified as a suspect in the sex attacks after an analysis of a “tremendous amount of absolutely miraculous evidence collection and crime scene investigation,” Jordan said.

Though the suspect had no criminal record in Tulsa, Jordan said, he turned up in a Google search of his name by police. It was a report of his car crash.

The speeding car he was traveling in struck a light pole on an interstate early Sunday morning about 10 minutes after one of his alleged sexual assaults, Jordan said. Campbell, who was not wearing a seat belt, suffered severe head injuries.

“He has not been responsive at all,” Jordan said.

Campbell was released from prison in late April after convictions in Oklahoma City for attempted robbery, attempted kidnapping and robbery, and robbery with a dangerous weapon, Jordan said. He was imprisoned in 2007.

The spate of sexual assaults and lack of clues had left residents on edge and looking out for anything unusual.

“I hope this gives them some peace,” Jordan said of the victims and community at large.

Authorities said the suspect typically broke into homes from the back, either through a window or door. He tended to be covered, and attacked when it was dark.

Victims provided diverse descriptions of the suspect, ranging from a light-skinned black or Hispanic man to a tan white man.

There were eight cases of sexual assault in Tulsa in the last month and authorities linked them because of specific actions and statements the suspect made in the attacks. But police now say one of the eight assaults is still under investigation and may not be connected, CNN affiliate KOKI reported.

The victims were between 56 and 78 years old, except for one, who was 29.

Campbell’s record includes arrests in 2002 for armed robbery, in 2005 for attempted assault on a woman, and in 2006 on a warrant for assault and battery, KOKI reported. In 2006, he was convicted for attempted battery.

Jordan said investigators were checking with police in Oklahoma City to see whether Campbell was involved in additional crimes. No other arrests were expected in connection with the seven attacks, he said.

Jordan said prosecutors were preparing formal charges in the cases, some of which involved alleged sexual battery, others alleged rapes.

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