Who’s Hotter: Hot Cop of Castro or Hunky Felon?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Ladies and gents, it’s time for a classic “who’s hotter” showdown.

In one corner, we have a clean-shaven cop with movie star looks. In the other corner, we have a stubbly tattooed bad boy with a steamy gaze.

Fans of San Francisco police officer Chris Kohrs, also known as “Hot Cop of Castro,” have recently launched a Facebook page in honor of his exemplary work in the City’s Castro neighborhood…among other things.

“The sexyest cop ive ever seen. Damn he vould frisk me anyday,” commented Diane Whitehorse.

Kohrs’ appreciation page has already received nearly 9,000 likes since it was created on June 24.

Admiration for Kohrs comes weeks since a mugshot of a man with a chiseled face, steely-blue eyes, and pouty lips went viral.

The convicted felon in the photo, Jeremy Meeks, 30, from Stockton, has been featured on numerous websites, newscasts, TV gossip shows, and fashion blogs — not for his criminal proclivities but for his model good looks.

Meeks’ mugshot has received more than 100,000 likes. Many comments have been critical of Meeks’ popularity calling it undeserving.

The debate between who is hotter is stoked mostly by people trying to quash the felon’s hot streak — and of course, the hope is that a hot cop can help do that.

This raises the question: Who’s hotter? Hot Cop of Castro or Hunky Felon?

TALK ABOUT IT! After you vote, go to our Facebook page and join the debate… CLICK HERE

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