Piano Won’t Get Dropped Off London High-Rise After all

LONDON (KRON) — Ever wonder what a piano would sound like if you dropped it off a 26-story high building? Well you may never find out.

That’s because residents of London’s Balfron Tower have put the kibosh on an artist’s plan to do the big pinao drop saying they were worried about the project’s “danger and utter stupidity.”

One resident tells British TV station London 24 they were confused when artist Catherine Yass proposed dropping the piano.

“People seem to have finally come to their senses,” 66-year old Jean Brand said. “The idea shouldn’t have even been thought up in the first place.”

Brown calls the stunt the definition of “anti-social behavior” which is specifically against the rules at Balfron Tower.

Yass isn’t talking beyond confirming the event had been cancelled. A gallery says the piano drop was to have been “part of a community workshop looking at how sound travels”.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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