VIDEO: Oakland Police: No Proof Mayor Jean Quan Was on Phone During Accident

OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland police say there’s no evidence Mayor Jean Quan or anyone else was on a cell phone at the time of an accident last month.

Authorities say they have ruled out the use of a “handheld communication device” by either Quan or the woman in the other car.

The other driver has said Quan was on her phone when she ran a red light and caused the accident on June 8th at 26th and Market streets.

Police say they can’t even be sure if it was Quan or the other driver who ran the red light causing the accident “due to conflicting accounts.”

“As the investigation found, and as substantiated by my cell phone records, I was not using my cell phone while driving, and it was not a factor in the traffic accident,” Mayor Quan said in a written statement. “I stand by my original statement that I do not believe I ran the red light. The investigation was inconclusive on this point due to the fact that there were no witnesses who saw the collision at the time of impact, and that the witnesses who saw the accident after the fact had conflicting accounts. The damage to the car reveals that I was hit from behind; the impact spun my vehicle around and flattened my left rear tire.”

The accident happened just days after KRON 4 had confronted the mayor with photos from citizens that showed her using her cell phone without a hands-free device while behind the wheel.

The mayor has long denied she was on her phone when the accident happened.

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