Viral Video: Daddy Stole My Nose!

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A children’s game of “I’ve got your nose” turned into a wretched crime when a toddler fell for her daddy’s trick.

Kalila Momplé was on the scene with her camera as her adorable daughter, Kyra, was in hysterics looking for her nose.

“I lost it,” Kyra cries.

“This is a video of our beautiful daughter Kyra she’s two and a half and she hasn’t realised that her nose can not be dis attached from her face and this is her reaction we found it very amusing we hope you do too!,” says Kalila Momple.

Momplé plays along and tells her visibly distraught child to ask dad for her nose.

Kyra composes herself, and in a sweet and polite voice, Kyra asks, “Daddy, please I want to have it back?”

The video has garnered hundreds of likes and thousands of views since it was uploaded on June 29.

Mobile App users click here to view the video

Several years ago, another British toddler earned YouTube fame when his parents posted home video of him playing with his infant brother, Charlie.

The “Charlie bit my finger” video has been viewed over 700,000,000 times and has received more than a million likes.

All this cuteness raises this question: Which video is your favorite?

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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