Former Cal Student Who Went Missing From Calaveras Co. Campground Found Safe

CALAVERAS (KRON) — A former University of California at Berkeley student who went missing while camping Saturday was found safe and sound, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office said today.

Around 6:10 p.m. this evening, sheriff’s deputies said that 27-year-old Sacramento resident Camille Withuhn was located after she walked away from Golden Pines campground in Dorrington at about noon on Saturday, according to the sheriff’s office.

Withuhn walked away from the campground toward state Highway 4 for unknown reasons, deputies said.

The sheriff’s search and rescue team scoured the area with a helicopter and dogs and tracked her back to the highway, where the trail went cold, sheriff’s Sgt. Anthony Eberhardt said.

Eberhardt said it appears that Withuhn got into a car there and left. He said there was no evidence that she went into the forest.

Prior to her safe return, her family and friends posted about her disappearance on social media while sheriff’s officials urged anyone with information about Withuhn to contact them.

Deputies have not yet released where Withuhn went or why she left the campground.

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