Antioch Residents Outraged Over Rise in Shootings

ANTIOCH (KRON) — Neighbors in Antioch are angry about a recent spike in shootings and concerned about the safety of their community.

They came out in droves on Tuesday afternoon for a crime meeting and address claims by police that crime is down.

The neighbors don’t buy it.

“This is terrible we’ve never had this. I’ve lived here 58 years and the crime is outrageous,” said Kathryn Linscheid.

Community members in Antioch say shootings are now a daily occurrence and some residents don’t come out of their homes.

On Tuesday afternoon, while covering this story, a group of teenage girls reported to police that someone opened fire on their car. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Police say that violent crime this year is actually down. Police say that the number of shootings in June was at 50, same as last year. It’s unknown how many shootings have occurred over the last two weeks.

Antioch police officially has 88 officers, well below other cities their size. They are aiming to put more on the street but it is a slow process.

“I talked to a police officer who said that they are working 18-20 hour days and are tired they don’t have backup,” said Roral Corralejo.

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