Man Says Southwest Airlines Kicked His Family Off Plane for Tweeting Customer Service Complaint


MINNEAPOLIS (KRON) — Southwest Airlines says it is investigating a gate agent’s decision to force a family off a plane because of a man’s tweet complaining about the customer service.

Duff Watson says he was unhappy with the treatment he received while trying to board a flight at Denver International Airport. While Watson is an “A-List” passenger under Southwest’s rules meaning he could board early, the gate agent said his six and nine-year old kids were not and would have to wait to board with everyone else.

Watson says he told the agent “Nice way to treat an A-List, I’ll be sure to tweet about it.”

The traveler says he then went on Twitter and posted ““Something to the effect of, ‘Wow, rudest agent in Denver. Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy @SWA.’”

Watson says he and his kids were seated on board the plane when they were ordered off. The gate agent says she felt threatened by the tweet.

Watson says he was told he and his kids wouldn’t be able to re-board the plane unless he deleted the tweet which he did. He and his children then got back on the flight which left as scheduled.

Southwest issued a statement confirming that a family was removed from the flight for a short time and that it was reviewing the incident. Watson says he received three $50 vouchers from the airline but that he has no intention of ever flying Southwest again.

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