VIRAL: Apologies from the Man Who Posted Picture Pointing Gun at Cat

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL (KRON) — A Florida man is apologizing after posting a photo to Facebook showing him pointing a gun at a cat.

Thomas McGuiness is talking with authorities who tried to locate him after the photo went viral.

The head of the local animal shelter had raised the alarms after seeing the photo spread across social media saying it “turned my stomach.”

McGuiness drew more outrage when he posted as a follow-up “don’t know why everybody (sic) so mad about a cat. we only shot it twice.”

The Facebook user now says the cat was never harmed.

Authorities say just the photo without evidence of abuse isn’t grounds for an arrest. Still animal services officers say they will keep a close eye on McGuiness’ animals.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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