Baby Doll With a Penis Stirs Controversy

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A new toy is stirring controversy on the web since images of the anatomically correct doll started spreading on social media.

The You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll, a Toys “R” Us exclusive, includes a working penis.

People are voicing their concerns on social media calling the doll’s genitals unnecessary and inappropriate. Some of those that purchased the doll were shocked to find that the toy had boy parts since the Toys “R” Us web site doesn’t list under the toy’s description that it comes with a penis.


“So, are they now going to have Barbie dolls complete with nipples, hair & vaginas? Ken dolls anatomically correct so little girls can actually make them have sex? They are CHILDREN’S toys. They do not need this crap,” Charlotte Mason Gibson posted on Facebook.

Monica Beyer, a blogger at, says that there’s nothing wrong with a child being exposed to baby body parts. She compares the issue to parents who don’t want their children to see women breastfeeding in public because they don’t want to have to explain “that.”

“Shoppers aren’t accustomed to seeing baby dolls with genitals, so I can understand the mom’s initial surprise. What I cannot understand is why it’s such a big deal.”

“The doll isn’t harmful,” Beyer says. “What’s harmful is the notion that a baby doll is disturbing or sexual because it has a penis. Let’s be honest here — it’s only scary if it’s also going to pee on you during diaper changes.”

Incidentally, the doll also cries when its diapers are wet.

WEB POLL! What do you think? Are anatomically correct dolls appropriate for small children?

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