Pregnant Mother of Four Dies After Being Stung by Wasps

VIRGINA (KRON) — A pregnant mother of four has died after she was stung by wasps while working in the backyard at her Virginia home.

Sarah Marie Schulzetenberg Harkins, 32, passed away suddenly Monday when an aneurysm in her brain burst, her online obituary said.

Harkins, who was 21 weeks pregnant, ran into her home after the attack but collapsed while her husband was on the phone with 911. He performed CPR, and when medics arrived, they were able to revive her, Harkins’ husband told

Her unborn baby, Cecilia Rachel, also passed away.

“I’m thankful to the medic for giving me and the kids that chance, bringing her back enough so we could say goodbye to her,” her husband told the newspaper.

Harkins is survived by her husband, Eric, and four children, Liam, 7, Analee, 5, Jude, 3, and Faustina, 1.

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