Heartbroken Family Warns Of Synthetic Pot After Teen’s Death

(KRON  and WFLA) — The family of a California teen whose life was cut tragically short after smoking synthetic pot is on a mission to prevent future tragedies.

Connor Eckhardt, 19, who lived in the Newport Beach area died on July 16 after smoking one hit of synthetic marijuana, which is also known as SPICE and K2. Connor went into a coma shortly after smoking the drug.

Connor’s parents created a Facebook page to honor him and warn others about the dangers of synthetic pot.

The page, which includes two haunting family photos that were taken just 10 days apart, show how dangerous drugs like synthetic pot are and how the drugs can change lives in an instant.

Connor’s parents posted a link to an article on guardianlv.com, which describes Spice as a synthetic marijuana, a designer drug that “contains synthetic cannabinoids that mimic some of the effects of marijuana on the body.” Because there is no quality control on the product, however, and the chemical additives have been blamed for multiple cases of stroke, seizure, brain damage, and death, the article says.

“Our son is gone forever from one hit of SPICE!!! Which is legal. How can that be?” wrote Connor’s parents on the Facebook page.

“So many people have messaged me that their loved ones died too. My son is gone forever. One picture is of him with his little sister that we adopted from Ethiopia and his other baby sister who now does not want to finish her senior year of high school because of her terrible grief. Something has to be done!!! Please share our story.”

People from around the world have liked Connor’s page and offered their condolences. They’ve also been sharing the story of Connor’s tragic death on Facebook, with the hope of spreading the word about the dangers of synthetic drugs.

“This 19 yr old is dead because of taking ONE HIT of a substance that is readily available in many smoke shops, even convenience stores around the country. If you know anyone who has tried or uses SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA (aka SPICE, K2, POTPOURRI) – please tell them it may kill them,” wrote a Eckhardt family friend Sarah Sailer on her Facebook page.

Visit Connor Eckhardt’s Facebook page


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