PHOTOS: Marcus Malone Says He’s Still on “Hard Times” Seven Months After Reunion with Carlos Santana

Photo courtesy Henry Hungerland

OAKLAND (KRON) — Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone, an original member of the Santana Blues Band, who KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts found on the streets of Oakland says he’s still on “hard times.”

In a message to Stanley, Malone says there’s a “new distance” between him and the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who reunited with Malone late last year while Stanley recorded the reunion.

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In the post, Malone says he constantly gets questions from people who want to know about Santana’s reported plans to fly him to Las Vegas to perform and to record a song the entertainer wrote for him called “Marcus ‘The Magnificent’ Malone.”

“So I’m here today to inform those of you who that have followed the story that I’m remaining hopeful that he stands by his word,” Malone writes in the message. “I’m keeping the faith that whatever has created this new distance between us, too shall pass. I know that he’s a champion of righteousness and a highly spiritual man and a supporter of many humanitarian causes. So to entertain that this was a publicity stunt is unfathomable.”

The message includes photos of Malone performing last weekend at the Jerry Day 2014 Festival at McLaren Park in San Francisco.

Marcus Malone at Jerry Day 2014 - (c) Henry Hungerland
Photo courtesy Henry Hungerland

Marcus Malone at Jerry Day 2014 - (c) Henry Hungerland
Photo courtesy Henry Hungerland

Malone says his “road of faith and hope gets rough” when nothing has changed even after reconnecting with Santana.

“But the upside is that I’ve reconnected with so many old friends and made new friends after the story aired,” Malone writes. “I’ve had people actually come and find me to offer me food, a ride, or just a kind word so no matter what comes from this, the love that people have shown me that don’t even know me has been overwhelming and for that Im eternally grateful. Always remember in the rhythm of life that no matter what happens ‘the beat goes on’.”

Stanley says he will continue to follow Malone’s progress and will see what happens. Stanley also says he’s left a message with Carlos Santana for comment. Stay tuned to KRON 4, the KRON 4 Mobile App, and for the latest on this developing story.

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