Woman Caught Sneaking on Planes at SFO Stows Away on Southwest Flight in San Jose, Police Say

LOS ANGELES (KRON) — A 62-year old woman is facing trespassing charges in Los Angeles after authorities say she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight at San Jose Mineta Airport without a ticket.

The Transportation security Administration confirms its agents allowed Marilyn Hartman onto the flight to LAX.

“The individual was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that she was not a security threat to the aircraft,” the TSA said in a written statement. “Following an initial review by TSA at San Jose International Airport, the agency has initiated minor modifications to the layout of the document checking area to prevent another incident like this one.”

Los Angeles police say they showed up at LAX Terminal #1 after getting reports the 62-year old Hartman had arrived on a flight from San Jose Mineta even though she was not a ticketed passenger on Southwest.

“Further investigation revealed there was no confirmed reservation in the system and Hartman had no documents to show proof that she had purchased a ticket,” the LAPD said in a written statement.

Police arrested Hartman ahd charged her with trespassing. She was held on $500 bail.

Authorities say Hartman is the same woman detained at least three times at SFO after allegedly trying to sneak onto a flight to Hawaii without a ticket.

Earlier this year Hartman pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor commercial burglary and sentenced to time served.

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