VIDEO: Marilyn Hartman Pleads “No Contest” to Stowing Away on Southwest Flight from San Jose to LAX

LOS ANGELES (KRON) — The woman who stowed away on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose Mineta to LAX will spend two years on probation.

Marilyn Jean Hartman pleaded “no contest” to a violation of an L.A. municipal code Wednesday.

Under the terms of the plea agreement Hartman was sentenced to three days in jail which amounts to time served. She was also ordered to spend 24 months on probation and to comply with her existing probation out of San Mateo County.

Hartman is also ordered to stay away from LAX unless she has a valid ticket to fly out of the airport.

The 62-year old woman admits she sneaked past TSA security and onto the Southwest Airlines flight on Monday. She was arrested on her arrival at LAX.

Hartman was detained at least six times at SFO earlier in 2014, three times for trying to board a flight to Hawaii without a ticket.

In February, Hartman was sentenced to 18 months’ probation in San Mateo County after being arrested for attempting to board three Hawaii-bound flights at the San Francisco International Airport on three separate days.

On her first arrest, she made it through security and onto a plane only to be caught when the actual ticket holder showed up, officials said. On her second and third attempts, she was caught trying to get through the security line.

Hartman was arrested three more times over the next two months at the San Francisco airport, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt said Wednesday. Each time, Hartman indicated that she wanted to go to Hawaii, but she never had a ticket.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said in May that Hartman said she wanted to fly somewhere warm because she had cancer, but her claims about having the disease were unsubstantiated.

Hartman later was placed in a mental treatment program, but she stopped attending last month, prosecutor Al Serrato said.

Officials say she could face a probation violation, in addition to the L.A. trespassing count and possible charges in Santa Clara County.

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