Stowaway Woman Arrested Again at LAX

LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KRON) — 62-year old Marilyn Hartman is in custody again at Los Angeles International Airport, less than 24 hours after she pleaded no contest to charges she stowed away on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose.

Los Angeles police confirm the arrest Thursday morning after Hartman was seen boarding a FlyAway bus from Union Station without a ticket.

“At approximately 11:15 a.m., Marilyn Jean Hartman was taken into custody by Los Angeles Airport Police Officers near Terminal # 7 and transported directly to Los Angeles Police Pacific Division Jail for pre-booking procedures,” Sgt. Belinda Nettles of the L.A. Airport police said in a written statement.

Around 10:20 a.m., Hartman arrived at LAX and was observed by Airport Police officers as she entered Terminal 2, airport police said.

Officials said that Hartman spent one hour at LAX scouting out multiple passenger terminals before being arrested. Airport Police officers did not observe Hartman attempting to purchase an airline ticket and she did not have a ticket or boarding pass in her possession when arrested.

A municipal court judge in L.A. accepted Hartman’s no contest plea Wednesday and sentenced her to time served, two years of probation, and ordered her to stay away from LAX if she wasn’t a lawfully ticketed passenger.

“As the person ultimately responsible for the safety and security of employees and passengers at LAX, my experience led me to believe Hartman was likely to return to LAX,” said Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon, who is also deputy executive director of Homeland Security and Public Safety for Los Angeles World Airports.

“When we knew she was going to be released from custody, we were prepared. We worked closely with the Transportation Security Administration and our other airport partners to distribute flyers with her picture on it. She was seen wandering through several terminals today, in what appeared to be a scouting mission.”

She was arrested and booked for violation of terms of probation.

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