Want to Get Rid of Leftovers? There’s An App For That

It all too often happens that we take leftovers home that never get consumed. Well what if you could use an app that allows you to share your leftovers with a stranger?

“Leftover Swap” claims to do just that.

The company behind the free app wants to “save the world”… one take out box at a time.

According to the company’s website, about 40 percent of food goes to waste, and they have a solution.

So CNN reporter Adam Herbets picked up his phone and figured out how it all works… by going to his station’s break room… opening up the fridge… and creating a post for one of his co-worker’s unlabeled chili cheese fries.

He also found a family starting to get a little bit full at lunch to see what they thought.

The mother said “I might do it just out of curiosity, just to see… wouldn’t that be so weird girls if we did that and someone came up and said you didn’t finish your shrimp fried rice and i would say here!”

But members of the Bakersfield homeless center say that food could be going to a better home.

“Our clients typically aren’t equipped with smart phones that would have an app, they are in need, it’s typically a family that’s in crisis, and they know where they can go.”

The center says they are especially in need of food now, when kids are still out of school.

Right now they take care of more than 100 children… many of which get three meals a day from this food pantry.

“As you can see it’s getting pretty low at this point”

And even though the center takes mostly un-perishable food, they’re more than willing to take your leftovers… instead of giving it to a stranger

But for those who don’t want make it down to the center… the question remains: would you trust food from a smartphone?

What do you think? Would you use an app to share your leftovers?

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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