VIDEO: NASA Remembers Robin Williams’ Wake-Up Call for Shuttle Astronauts


HOUSTON (KRON) — Millions of people on the earth are mourning the loss of Robin Williams but people who make their business in space are also remembering the time he brought his unique humor to NASA.

In 1988, five astronauts on board the Space Shuttle Discovery got a customized wake-up call from Williams which included a paraphrase of his greeting from the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam.”

“G-o-o-d morning, Discovery” was how Williams started the minute and a half wake-up call.

“Rise and shine, boys,” the message to low earth orbit continued. “Time to start doing that shuttle shuffle. You know what I mean. Hey, here’s a little song coming from the billions of us to the five of you.”

Williams then launched into a space-themed version of the theme from the TV show Green Acres.

The call came on the first morning of the first space shuttle flight following the 1986 Challenger disaster.

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