Demonstrators Rally to Support Police Officer Who Shot Ferguson Teen


ST. LOUIS (KRON) — While the National Guard is heading to Ferguson, Missouri in another attempt to restore order, supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson are rallying in St. Louis.

Wilson is the officer identified as the man who shot and killed 18-year old Michael Brown.

About 100 people chanted and held signs outside a St. Louis television station in support of Officer Wilson. Local police organizations helped organize the rally.

“Keep officer Wilson in your prayers,” St. Louis Police Association spokesman Jeff Roorda told the demonstrators. “You know, we – as a police association – we’re keeping the community of Ferguson in our prayers and even Michael Brown’s family in our prayers. We just ask that everybody do the same thing for officer Wilson and his family.”

Some held signs saying “Support Our Police” and “Pray for Peace” during the rally.

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