Update: Man with a Knife Who Shouted “Kill Me” at Police Shot and Killed Miles from Ferguson.

ST. LOUIS (KRON) — While the world watches developments in Ferguson, Missouri, police are now investigating a new fatal officer-involved shooting.

CNN is reporting police shot a man who allegedly brandished a knife at officers investigating a disruption at a local market.

A police spokesman says the suspect stole two energy drinks and some pastries from the market. Witnesses say he then went outside the store and began to walk around in the area acting erratically and talking to himself.

Police say the 23-year old man pulled a knife with an overhand grip and approached the officers.

Witnesses say the armed man then began shouting at the officers “kill me, shoot me.” Investigators say the officers repeatedly told the man to drop the knife. When he allegedly moved within two or three feet of the officers with the knife, two policemen opened fire. The man was hit and pronounced dead at the scene.

None of the officers was hurt.

This shooting is located about five miles from the city of Ferguson where protests have turned violent after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

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