Normally Staid Think Tank Tweets for Amnesty International to “Suck It”

WASHINGTON D.C. (KRON) — One of the nation’s leading think tanks has egg on its face after an embarrassing tweet officials are blaming on an intern.

A spokesman for the Center for Strategic and International Studies says it gave the intern the passwords to its social media presence including its Twitter account to monitor what is being said about the group online.

Officials say the intern thought he was on his own personal Twitter account when he told human rights organization Amnesty International to “suck it” in response to a tweet about U.S. foreign policy.

Amnesty had tweeted, “US can’t tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won’t clean up its own human rights record” in an apparent refernce to civil unrest following a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

That’s when it appears the intern, posting as @CSIS responded “Your work has saved far fewer lives than American intervention. So suck it.”

The think tank says it has reached out to Amnesty International to apologize and says it is “reviewing” its social media policy.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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