VIDEO: Seismologists Say South Napa Quake Strongest in Bay Area Since 1989

MENLO PARK (KRON) — Seismologists with the U.S. Geological Survey say the quake that hit Sunday morning near American Canyon was typical for what they expect in the Bay Area.

The Magnitude 6.0 quake caused significant damage from Solano County into the city of Napa.

Seismologists believe the quake happened along the South Napa Fault. It is the largest to hit the Bay Area since the Loma Prieta quake in 1989.

“The earthquake was a strike-slip earthquake,” USGS seismologist Tom Brocher tells KRON 4’s Charles Clifford. “That’s where the earth’s crust moves side to side which is typical for the Bay Area. The motion is along a fault that would be typical for the Bay. It looks like a typical kind of earthquake it’s just the magnitude is much larger than we’ve seen for some time.”

Brocher says there’s a 50% chance of an aftershock of Magnitude 5.0 or greater and a five percent chance of an aftershock as strong as the initial quake.

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