VIDEO: Neighbor Runs Over 15-Month-Old Boy In Driveway

By Cierra Putman

PROVIDENCE, Tenn. (WATE) — A 15-month-old baby boy remains in critical condition Tuesday after Providence police said a neighbor leaving for work ran over the baby without realizing it.

Police said Justin Diaz Cabral was hit in a driveway on Gillen Street.

Through a translator, the child’s cousin Yosiel Paredes told NBC 10 that Justin had just woken up, brushed his teeth and went outside while his mother was cooking breakfast.

The neighbor, a 28-year-old woman, who was leaving for work, ran over the child accidentally. She was driving a 2016 black Cadillac.

A male family member rushed the boy to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The boy is out of surgery but remains in critical condition.

Police said the child’s family called the woman to tell her she ran over the child. The woman rushed to the hospital to see the boy.

According to police, the woman met with investigators at the hospital.

Police had taken the woman into custody for questioning, but she has since been released. Police said she’s not facing charges.

(Copyright 2014, WATE, All rights reserved.)

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