VIDEO: Napa Quake Has Some Reconsidering Value of Earthquake Insurance

NAPA (KRON) — Plenty of homeowners in Napa are discovering the downside of not carrying earthquake insurance.

California Earthquake Authority’s Web Page
California Department of Insurance Web Page

The California Earthquake Authority says if you don’t carry earthquake insurance, you will be responsible for the full cost of fixing your property, replacing personal items, making emergency repairs, and even finding a place to stay while the repairs are being done.

Still many homeowners choose not to purchase the coverage because of its high cost and the perception that the chance that a major quake will effect them seems low.

The CEA says you can purchase earthquake insurance through the same company that covers your homeowners policy, but in most cases earthquake damage is not covered by the standard policies.

Experts say there are also things you can do to prevent some damage during a quake including:

• Bolting your home’s wood frame to the foundation can prevent damage resulting from the structure sliding off its foundation. And for houses on raised foundations, the bracing of “cripple walls” can also reduce damage from earthquakes.
• Brace your water heater to minimize the risks of fire and water damage caused by water heaters that topple during earthquakes.
• Mobilehome owners should use earthquake-bracing systems to reduce the chance of damage from homes slipping off support jacks.
• Fasten cupboard doors with child-proof latches to prevent them from opening and spilling their contents.
• Fasten bookcases, mirrors, televisions and other tall or heavy objects to wall studs.
• Gas appliances should have flexible attachments, and family members should be familiar with gas shut-off techniques.

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