FBI Tries to Figure Out How Minneapolis Basketball Buddies Became Jihadists


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two high school buddies who loved to shoot hoops and crack jokes with their friends converted to Islam in early adulthood and were somehow recruited by terror groups to leave the United States and die for jihadist causes on separate continents.

That’s the picture that’s emerging of Douglas McAuthur McCain and Troy Kastigar, who attended classes together at Robbinsdale Cooper High School in the Minneapolis suburb of New Hope.

It was not immediately clear how the two were drawn into radicalism or whether they might have influenced one another along the way. But the two best friends went down similar paths and met the same end.

The 33-year-old McCain was killed in Syria while fighting with the Islamic State group. Kastigar was killed in Somalia in 2009 while fighting with the terror group al-Shabab.

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