Fair Dunk Tank Clown Canned When Insults Turn Racial


MEMPHIS, Tenn (KRON) — A Tennessee clown has a sad face after being fired from his job for allegedly shouting racial slurs.

Everyone acknowledges it was the clown’s job to insult people at the Delta Fair in Memphis in order to get them to spend money at the dunk tank. But for some patrons what started as good-natured fund soon turned racial.

“We heard over the loud speaker someone said ‘Hey nappy head.’When we heard that we looked at each other because we didn’t know who they were talking to,” patron Tanya Jones says. “He was like ‘yeah I’m talking to you, Sheneneh.’He was like you look unbeweavable.'”

Another African-American patron, Mario Curry, says he also was targeted because of his ethnicity.

“You got cheap weave, you must have got it from the Dollar Tree,” Curry remembers the clown saying.

After the patrons complained, the clown was fired and replaced.

“We try to promote the Delta Fair as clean, safe and family friendly, and then when you have this guy making comments… we try to keep the comments funny, but without sexual connotations or without racial connotations.” Fair President Mark Lovell said.

Jones says she understands the premise of the dunk tank but felt humiliated and disrespected.

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