VIDEO & Poll: How Well do You Trust iCloud After Celebrity Accounts Were Hacked?


CUPERTINO (KRON) — With the revelation that nude celebrity photos stolen and spread across the Internet this weekend may have come from Apple iCloud accounts, many are wondering how safe their private information is.

How to Set Up Two-Step Verification for Your Apple ID (Cnet)

Over the weekend hackers broke into more than 100 celebrity accounts and the posted the pictures to sites like 4Chan and Reddit.

In a statement Tuesday, Apple says the thieves used targeted “brute force” attacks on accounts in an attempt to get passwords and and gain access to what the celebs had posted.

The FBI is now involved in the investigation which is focusing in part on how the hackers were able to get the answers to the stars’ security questions.

Apple says the best way to protect yourself is to use so-called two-step authentication to get into your account. That, the company says, will make it much more difficult for bad people to breach their security.

We want to know if this situation has changed the way you think of iCloud services. Please vote in our poll below.

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