British Nurse Makes Full Recovery From Ebola

LONDON (AP) — A British nurse infected with Ebola was discharged Wednesday from a London hospital after making a full recovery, the hospital said.

William Pooley, 29, contracted the deadly disease while treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. The outbreak in West Africa has also hit Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal, and has killed more than 1,500 people.

Pooley was flown back to Britain on Aug. 24 and was cared for in a special isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital. He thanked the hospital staff for its successful treatment of his case, saying he was “wonderfully lucky” to have survived.

In addition to specialized care, Pooley received an experimental drug, ZMapp. The drug has not yet gone through human trials, so it is not clear if it is effective. During the current outbreak, seven people have received the limited doses available of ZMapp. Two have died and the rest have survived.

Pooley credited his superior care with his survival.

“I was very lucky in several ways: firstly in the standard of care that I received, which is a world apart from what people are receiving in West Africa, despite various organizations’ best efforts,” Pooley told reporters. “The other difference is that my symptoms never progressed to the worst stage of the disease.”

He told reporters he had no regrets about his decision to go to West Africa, but that he had mixed memories of both the horrible deaths suffered by Ebola patients and the wonderful moments when survivors were released.

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