VIDEO: ‘Swatting’ Pranks in Marin on the Rise, Police Say

MARIN (KRON) — Investigators in Marin County say someone has been falsely reporting crimes prompting the police department to send SWAT response teams.

Officials say they have dealt with three “swatting” pranks in recent weeks. The FBI has been called to join the investigation.

In one “swatting” incident, the caller, who identified himself as being a 14-year-old old by the name of John, reported that his father was in his home armed with an automatic weapon.

“The report was that he had already shot his mother and was in the process of threatening to shoot his younger sister,” said Lt. Doug Pittman of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department.

Law enforcement officials from all over responded and some neighbors said at least thirty cops descended on the residence.

Responding officers discovered a frightened 9-year-old boy who was eventually reunited with his mother when authorities determined it was a prank.

The other two cases involved a family and the Terra Linda High School.

Some of these crimes could be classified as felonies according to authorities.

The FBI is trying to help track down the caller and officials said the calls where made to the business line of the Fairfax Police Department which doesn’t track calls.
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