Two Arrested After Stealing Necklace and Selling it Shortly After

SAN LEANDRO — Two suspects were caught allegedly snatching a gold necklace from a San Leandro jewelry store and immediately selling it to a “Cash for Gold” store in Oakland, San Leandro police said.

The theft was reported at about noon Tuesday at John’s Jewelers, located inside Bayfair Center, located at 15555 E. 14th St.

A man went into the store and asked to see a gold necklace worth $3,000, handing the clerk a fake ID as collateral. When he was handed the necklace, he ran from the store and into a car waiting outside, police said.

Investigators checked surveillance video of the theft and of the car outside and communicated descriptions of the suspect and car to other officers, police said.

Officers found a car that matched the description parked outside of a “Cash for Gold” store in East Oakland. Two men left the store, got into
the car, and drove away, police said.

Officers stopped the car in the 1400 block of 66th Avenue in Oakland and detained the two men.

The jewelry store clerk identified one of the men, Antoine Howell, 25, of Richmond, as the man who had snatched the gold necklace. The other
man, identified as Gregory Brown, 23, of Oakland, is suspected of driving the getaway car, police said.

Investigators talked to employees of the “Cash for Gold” business, who confirmed they bought a necklace from Howell and Brown for $950 cash, which Howell was carrying, police said.

The necklace was returned to the store and the cash was seized as evidence.

Howell had two outstanding warrants for his arrest, one for two counts of burglary and another for a parole violation, police said.

They were both arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary and are set to appear in court in Hayward today for arraignment, police said.

(Copyright 2014, Bay City News, All rights reserved.)

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