X-Ray Contest Proves Animals Will Eat Just About Anything


GULF BREEZE, Florida (KRON) — Animals will eat just about anything. If you don’t believe it, ask a veterinarian.

See the Complete List of Winners

An industry magazine for vets is publishing the winners of its annual x-ray contest showing off all sorts of things found in the stomachs of animals its readers have treated.

The three winners include a Florida Great Dane that ate 43 and a half socks. The socks were removed and the dog is doing fine.

Another winner is a frog that survived eating 30 ornamental rocks. The frog is okay and there are no more rocks in its habitat.

The final winner is a male German shorthair pointer. Its owner should have known better than to leave two shish kabobs sitting on the kitchen counter “just for a minute.” The meat and the skewers were soon gone and one of the metal pieces was found inside the dog’s stomach. After surgery, the animal is doing fine.

Among the honorable mentions, a golden retriever who hate five rubber duckies out of a bath tub.

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