Three Arrested On Suspicion of Gang Activity and Possesion of a Loaded Gun

WATSONVILLE — Two adults and one juvenile in Watsonville are now in jail on suspicion of gang activity and of possessing a loaded gun.

Saturday around 6 p.m., Watsonville police were dispatched to Flodberg Park on Alvarado Street, on neighbors’ reports of a group of men drinking alcohol and smoking in the park.

Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team Gang Task Force Officers were nearby, and they also responded to the call.

According to police, all but one of the group members ran in different directions when the officers arrived.

Ultimately, three people were arrested: Issac Avalos, 25, Andres Trejo-Gomez, 18, and a 17-year-old boy, all from Watsonville.

In addition to charges of gang activity and possessing a loaded gun, Avalos and Trejo-Gomez have also been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The gun was not registered, and was not reported stolen, police officials said.

Avalos and Trejo-Gomez have been booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.

Police report the 17 year old is now in juvenile hall, and that all three suspects were already on active probation.

(Copyright 2014, Bay City News, All rights reserved.)

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