VIRAL VIDEO: Cute Baby Bear Has Fun At the Golf Course

Damn, nature. You’re adorable.

Unlike the ocean, which is a bastion of nightmares and unidentifiable death lobsters, the great outdoors offers opportunities for positive experiences in nature.

Specifically, you could run into a curious bear cub, as a pair of golfers did at Fairmont Hot Springs Resorts in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter happened upon footage of a black bear cub going about a classical waltz with a golf course flagstick as onlookers yammer away heedlessly.

“Have you seen them do this before?” asked one golfer.

It’s not an unfair question. After all, this is Canada, where the phrase “rogue beaver” exists and elk receive better health insurance than Americans.

SB Nation’s James Dator crafted a Vine of the dancing bear. He pumps in circus music, giving this unendingly beautiful moment the soundtrack it deserves.

Of course, the beast didn’t leave the green without a final act. It appropriated one man’s golf ball as a chew toy before retiring to the rough.

Good day to you, prancing bear. Continue playing through.

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(Copyright 2014, CNN, All rights reserved.)

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