VIRAL PHOTO: Woman Getting Ticket Drives Off With Officer on Hood

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Take a look at this…

Someone snapped this photograph on the streets of San Francisco last week and the photo went viral.

Now we know the story behind it.

According to witness Allison Yates, the driver was “zooming down” Oak Street in San Francisco at about 10:15 a.m. on Thursday morning.

“I saw her go by and realized there was a guy on the hood on his back, hanging on kind of spread-eagled. She turned right from that far left lane across all lanes of traffic onto Octavia. We caught up to her around Market—she was screaming, he was screaming, it was insane.”

The man on the hood was a parking officer who was giving a citation. San Francisco police tell KRON 4 that a woman got into the car and tried to drive away when the traffic officer jumped on the hood to avoid being run-over.

The woman drove off, hitting a motorcycle, all with the man still stuck on the hood.

Police said the woman drove with the man on her hood for around a mile starting near Alamo Square ending near Market Street. San Francisco police caught up with the car and the parking officer was able to get off the hood safely.

The driver, Bo Monsoumbath, a 33-year-old woman from San Francisco, shared her side of the story with KRON 4’s J.R. Stone and alleges that she was sexually harassed but did not intend to run-over the officer.

“I was terrified. I’m still terrified,” she said.

Monsoumbath said the officer asked her to “do things instead of getting a parking citation which led me to believe he was posing as a meter maid.”

“I am still shaken up by the whole situation. I was sexually harassed then had a man jump on my car. I never tried to run that meter maid over. It’s clear I’m at a stop in the pic and I made several stops,” Monsoumbath said.

Yates took the picture showing the officer on the hood of the car and says Monsoumbath was visibly upset.

“She kept, ‘yelling you’re scaring me,'” Yates said.

“At one point the cars were stopped at the light and she actually hopped out,” Yates said. “She was yelling, guy on the car was yelling, motorcycle guy was yelling, and the light turned green and they all got back on and kept moving.”

Monsoumbath was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor hit and run.



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