Report: Blue Angels Give Local Business a Boost in Sales

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The return of the Blue Angels to San Francisco offered more than entertainment to millions of spectators, it fueled millions of dollars in consumer spending for the region.

According to data gathered by Square, a local tech company that turns smartphones and tablets into mobile point of sale systems, retailers in San Francisco saw nearly a 75 percent increase in overall sales during the week-long event.

The data was collected by a data analyst at Square who looked at economic activity for Fleet Week this year versus last year.

“Taking a look at Sunday alone (the most popular day to watch the Blue Angels perform), Square sellers saw nearly a 250 percent increase in sales. That’s millions of dollars worth of commerce directly linked to the Blue Angels,” said Square spokesperson Johnny Brackett.

The Blue Angels performance, along with the rest of Fleet Week, was cancelled last year because of the federal budget sequester.

“Local businesses suffered. Fleet Week is one of their busiest weeks of the year, but without the allure of the Blue Angels, businesses saw their sales seriously decline,” Brackett said.


Page for Square Analytics

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