2014 WORLD SERIES: Players that Have Led Off a World Series Game with a HR

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Here’s a list of players that have led off a World Series game with a home run:

Top of first
Gregor Blanco, San Francisco at Kansas City, Oct. 22, 2014

Johnny Damon, Boston at St. Louis, Oct. 27, 2004

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees at New York Mets, Oct. 25, 2000

Rickey Henderson, Oakland at San Francisco, Oct. 28, 1989

Lenny Dykstra, New York Mets at Boston, Oct. 21, 1986

Pete Rose, Cincinnati at Oakland, Oct. 20, 1972

Lou Brock, St. Louis Cardinals at Detroit, Oct. 6, 1968

Al Smith, Cleveland at New York Giants, Sept. 30, 1954

Gene Woodling, New York Yankees at Brooklyn, Oct. 4, 1953

David Jones, Detroit at Pittsburgh, Oct. 13, 1909

Bottom of first
Dustin Pedroia, Boston vs. Colorado, Oct. 24, 2007

Davey Lopes, Los Angeles vs. New York Yankees, Oct. 17, 1978

Wayne Garrett, New York Mets vs. Oakland, Oct. 16, 1973

Tommie Agee, New York Mets vs. Baltimore, Oct. 14, 1969

Don Buford, Baltimore vs. New York Mets, Oct. 11, 1969

William Bruton, Milwaukee Braves vs. New York Yankees, Oct. 2, 1958

Dale Mitchell, Cleveland vs. Boston Braves, Oct. 10, 1948

Phil Rizzuto, New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 1942

Patrick Doherty, Boston Red Sox vs. Pittsburgh, Oct. 2, 1903

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