Texas Teen Achieves Internet Fame as “Alex From Target”

TEXAS (KRON) — A teenager who works at a Target somewhere in Texas says he’s having to change his phone number after he was identified as “Alex from Target.”

The young man’s Twitter profile showed more than 300,000 followers by Monday morning, just a couple of days after someone snapped a picture of him on the job at Target wearing his “Alex” name tag.

In the hours that followed, the picture went viral with thousands of memes spreading around the Internet featuring “Alex.”

By Sunday evening Alex asks on Twitter, “Am I famous?” followed by “Already fake accounts of me” and “Now i(sic) have to change my number…”

By the end of the night he tweeted, “You guys are amazing… goodnight.”

Things weren’t working out so well for “Rims”, the Twitter user credited for spreading the original picture around the Internet. Monday morning she was tweeting “getting so much hate its(sic) a joke”.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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