County Elections Web Site Back Up Following Web Crash

MARTINEZ (BCN) — Contra Costa County’s elections web site is back online and the company that hosts it says others are being restored following a crash that affected similar sites around the country.

The county’s elections web site, hosted by SOE Software, went down this morning along with three other sites in California and about 18 nationwide, according to Maureen Szlemp, a marketing manager for SOE.

The crash, which also affected SOE’s own web site, was due to a “much higher traffic volume than anticipated,” Szlemp said. It is unclear what caused the spike in traffic.

“We’re in the process of redistributing the loads and that should solve the problem,” she said.

In California, the problem also affected Shasta and Ventura counties, but all jurisdictions should have service restored by the time election results come in, Szlemp said.

Assistant Registrar Scott Konopasek said the county has worked with SOE for around seven years and never had a similar problem before.

Konopasek said the outage did not affect the county’s ability to count and process votes but made it harder for voters to look up information including the locations of their police places.

“It’s a customer service issue,” Konopasek said.

Elections officials are cross-posting polling locations and other election information to the county’s main web site at

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