Most LGBT Kids Experience Harassment in California Schools, Study Finds

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The vast majority of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangender students in California public schools regularly experience bullying because of their sexual orientation.

That’s the finding of a new national survey of the experiences of LGBT people in schools across the nation.

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The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Network’s annual snapshot finds more than 90% of students had heard the term “gay” used as an insult at school while more than 80% had heard other homophobic remarks regularly on campus.

80% say they “regularly heard other students in their school make negative remarks about how someone expresed their gender, such as comments about someone not acting ‘feminine’ or ‘masuline’ enough.”

A quarter of students say they’ve heard teachers or other school staff members make negative remarks about someone’s gender and about an eighth have heard teachers make homophobic remarks.

30% of LGBT students say they had been physically harassed (pushing and shoving) and ten percent say they were physically assaulted because of their sexual orientation.

Organizers say it’s important for California schools to implement stronger anti-bullying policies to protect LGBT kids, support Gay-Straight Alliances, train school staff on LGBT issues, and increase student access to LGBT-inclusive curricular resources.

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