Happy Hanukkah: Bay Area Celebrates Hanukkah

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On Tuesday evening, Jewish families will light one candle on the menorah to mark the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah.

Menorahs will be lit each night, right after nightfall, once it’s dark outside. The exact timing varies due to observances of the Jewish Sabbath on Friday and Saturday nights and other scheduling details.

On the Ellipse outside the White House, Biden passed a torch to a rabbi who was then lifted high into the air as he lit the national menorah, with a trio of cantors singing traditional Hanukkah songs. Biden told the crowd gathered that Hanukkah is about the miracle of courageous warriors overcoming great odds to protect their people’s culture and dignity.

The national menorah has been lit in front of the White House every year since 1979, when President Jimmy Carter attended the first lighting.

“Jewish heritage is American heritage,” Biden said.

President Barack Obama, in a statement, said the holiday “brims with possibility and hope,” reminding people that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

“May this Hanukkah embolden us to do what is right, shine a light on the miracles we enjoy, and kindle in all of us the desire to share those miracles with others,” Obama said.

For locations and times, http://www.hanukkah.org/events.

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