Japanese “Vagina Artist” Jailed for Obscenity

TOKYO (KRON) — A self-styled “Vagina Artist” is facing obscenity charges in Japan after she tried to raise money to pay for a 3-D printer made version of a kayak.

Lawyers for Megumi Igarashi say they find the allegations outrageous.

Igarashi was briefly arrested earlier this year but freed after thousands of people in Japan signed petitions in her favor. She was arrested again earlier this week along with a shop owner. Both were charged with displaying the vagina-shaped art in the store’s window.

Prosecutors say Igarashi’s artwork, made in the shape of her own vagina, is obscene.

Her lawyers say Igarashi’s work is anything but obscene.

Prosecutors say the artist broke the law when she distributed computer disks with the data that would allow other people to use 3D printers to make a copy of her vagina-shaped kayak.

If she’s convicted, Igarashi could face two years in prison and a fine of about $20,000.

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