VIDEO: Witness Says Fire That Spread Through Two Oakland Homes Seemed Like Something Out of a Movie

OAKLAND (KRON) — A witness says a fire that swept through two homes in Oakland early Christmas morning seemed like something out of a movie.

Two dogs are dead but all of the humans are expected to survive the blaze on 56th near Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

One witness saw the fire burning from across the street.

“I saw one of the young men who was in the house,” witness Peggy Hart tells KRON 4’s J.R. Stone. “I was screaming and hollering and I saw someone jump out the backside window. That was like a movie. It was like Batman jumping from one house to another. All I could see was him falling to the ground and I said ‘Oh My God there’s people jumping out of the houses.’ There was fire coming from the sides of the house and then there was fire from the back of the house, the fire was going from one room to another and you could see what room the fire was going to. I’ve never seen anything like it before, the fire was dancing with the stars.”

People have had to evacuate both homes one of which has a large hole in the roof.

The cause of the blaze remains unknown.

Stay tuned to KRON 4, the KRON 4 Mobile App, and for the latest on this developing story.

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