Bay Area May Learn Fate of 2024 Olympic Bid on Thursday

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The U.S. Olympic Committee is set to make a decision this week on which American city it will nominate to host the 2024 Summer Games.

The USOC Board of Directors is meeting Thursday in Denver to vote on the matter.

San Francisco, L.A., Boston, and Washington D.C. are all putting forward bids for the games.

If the Bay Area submission is chosen, most of the events would happen in San Francisco with a few others sprinkled throughout the nine-county region.

The bid has already generated organized support and opposition. Backers tout the beneficial effects of having the Olympics here on the economy while detractors say the games would increase evictions in the City and be bad for working people.

Other contenders around the world include Rome, Budapest, Paris, and Istanbul.

The summer games haven’t been in the U.S. since Atlanta in 1996.

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